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The Timeline of Dietary Degradation

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate tells the story of the development of Morphogenic Field Technique, a method of matching the energy signature of food and dietary supplements to an individual’s personal energy field, or M-Field.  The health improvement that can be achieved through the Energy Signature Matching process is nothing short of remarkable.

Within this story, there are other stories to be told:  the personal journeys of some patients who have found their way back to health using the M-Field Technique; the journey of my colleagues and myself as we hypothesized, tested, and elaborated on healing concepts; and finally, the journey of us all, as Americans, as we reckon with the reality of our health crisis and wonder, “How did we get here?”

To borrow from another, more famous book: “In the Beginning . . . There was food. And it was good!” It matched the energy signature of the human body until it was smited. The smiting began approximately 150 years ago when people discovered that they could make a great deal of money selling food products that were created in one place, transported to another place and sold to people far, far away. For this to happen, the food had to change, because real food (organic food) would be spoiled by the time it had traveled very far.

Chemical preservatives and heavy processing of the food were required to make this a possibility. I suspect that nobody considered that altering the food would also alter its energy signature. However, we now know that that nothing in the universe can be altered at the atomic level without also changing its innate energy.

The increased consumption of refined sugar also began in the late 1800’s, with the introduction of Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. A 6-ounce bottle of soda containing 8-10 teaspoons of refined sugar eventually gave way to 10-ounce, 16-ounce, and on up to the super-sized Big Gulp.

Hydrogenated/trans fats were created in 1910, and within 10 years heart disease had more than doubled in this country. By the 1950s, coronary artery disease went from being extremely rare to being the number one killer in America. Energy Signature Testing confirms that the M-Field rejects hydrogenated transfats and craves natural fats such as butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

Further degradation came in the form of increased use of food chemicals in the 1940s and 50’s.Next came TV dinners, instant mashed potatoes, and fast food.  In the 1960s, scientists began playing with genetic engineering of seeds. Wheat was genetically engineered to grow shorter and give higher yields, which altered the protein component called gluten. For the past forty years, Americans have unknowingly been consuming altered gluten, called gliadin, which is pro-inflammatory and binds to the opiate receptors in the cells. Since then, we have had a documented increased in gluten intolerance.

The efforts of the corporate food manufacturers have been unrelenting, as profits drive the science of agriculture and genetic engineering. The more changes they make, the further they move the energy signature of the food away from the nutritional needs of the human body. In terms of the health crisis being a food crisis, we may now know how we got here, but we still must ask ourselves, “Where does is stop and how much more can the body tolerate?”

What Happened To the Food?

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

The commercial food industry and their co-conspirators in the FDA and the USDA have overruled Mother Nature.  They have created a controlled, subsidized, marketplace that asserts that whatever they are selling at the store is what you should eat, regardless of quality or nutritional value.  Great political and marketing campaigns are now in charge of what ends up in the grocery cart. This corporate conquest has resulted in a slow, yet unrelenting alteration to America’s diet and health.

Tens of thousands of small family farms have been sold to big agribusiness.  Use of organic fertilizer has given way to petroleum-based substitutes which provide only a fraction of the nutrients needed to sustain the soil. The use of pesticides and herbicides has increased at an alarming rate as seeds are genetically altered to grow better in the poison-laced soil. We are told that genetic engineering is required to feed the world, yet nothing is mentioned about the plant and animal diseases that result from growing this altered food.

Food exists to nourish the body, yet the commercial food industry prefers to ignore this simple fact. If the only purpose of eating was to fill us up, we would be doing fine; a shortage of caloric intake is not the problem in America. But food-based products that lack nutrients, contain pesticides and herbicides and are genetically modified and processed into oblivion are not what we need.  We need real food in the form in which it has existed throughout time.

Additionally, the energy signature of the food must match the energy signature of the body. Currently, most food does not, unless you are consuming organic food. In my office, I keep food samples present and perform a muscle response test on my patients to demonstrate this principle. For example, there is a stark contrast between the energy signatures of organic soy and GMO soy. Energy Signature Testing organic soy always results in a strong muscle, yet universally, GMO soy makes the test muscle go weak. I do the same with Organic Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and have the same result. I also test genetically engineered wheat flour (weak) against organic heritage wheat flour (strong).

Most people do not know that wheat was genetically engineered 40 years ago.  It has been shown that this change also altered the gluten.  Ever wonder why so many people are now gluten-intolerant?

The most dramatic demonstration I perform matches brown cane sugar against refined white sugar from GMO sugar beets. People are appalled to see how weak the test muscle becomes when the GMO sugar beets enter the M-Field. I can state with relative certainty that this is the greatest food product rejection that I demonstrate on a regular basis. When I give lectures around the country, I love to demo these tests as the body responds energetically to these “foods” in the same way it responds to known poisons. I believe that every American should have this experience.

Whole Food Supplements with Integrity

Monday, January 14th, 2013

There is a joke going around within the medical profession about patients who take vitamin supplements. Since many of the supplements purchased by the general public are of poor quality, they end up being eliminated from the body through the normal channels. This rapid flush of synthetic nutrients is what leads some medical providers to assert that the only result of taking supplements is that it gives the patient “expensive urine”.

At the core, I have to agree with this statement, but not for the reason implied in the joke. With the sorry state of the American diet, it is absolutely necessary that people take proper supplementation. The key word is “proper.” The purpose of taking a nutritional supplement is to supplement your already good diet to make it complete. The artificial supplements that most people have purchased at the drugstore or at the big box retailer cannot accomplish this. The human body is designed to eat food; therefore all nutrition must come from food, including supplements necessary for a complete diet. Only the supplements made from concentrates of organic whole food truly supplement the diet.

Organic Whole Food Supplements

Yes, organic, whole food supplements will be more expensive. Synthetic vitamins produced in a laboratory can be made very cheaply, whereas growing organic whole food and concentrating it into a real food supplement is an expensive process. However, to the body, the difference is dramatic. One product must be eliminated as quickly as possible, while the other is absorbed to give the cells what they need to thrive and reproduce.

The improved health that results from ingesting the organic whole food concentrate is well worth the cost. When the supplements match the body’s energy signature (M-Field), the body can use them effectively and efficiently to accomplish the necessary healing and regeneration tasks. Under these conditions, I consider proper supplementation to be the cheapest health insurance a person can buy.

In our Wellness Center, we only recommend nutritional supplements that come from real food. Approximately 90% of the supplements we recommend come from a company in Wisconsin called Standard Process. Begun in the 1920’s by nutritional pioneer Dr. Royal Lee, the quality of Standard Process supplements is head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Properly recommended only by healthcare professionals, this line of organic whole food concentrates has stood the test of time from both the quality and integrity perspective.

Since everything we recommend is done based upon the M-Field Energy Signature Matching, we are assured that the patient will respond in a positive manner to all our suggested supplements. There is no waste! Therefore, the money spent for supplements by our patients is the best investment they will ever make in their health. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on synthetic supplements that are quickly purged from the body, I recommend you seek a healthcare provider who uses Morphogenic Field Technique to make their nutritional recommendations.

A final note on integrity: Standard Process did not pay or reward me for making these statements. They are derived from my many years of experience observing health restored with their fine quality products.

Your Synthetic Vitamin Supplements are Harming You

Monday, January 7th, 2013

A 2008 New York University study reported that in 2004, the pharmaceutical industry spend over 57 billion U.S. dollars promoting their products. For those who are regular viewers of network television, this will not come as a surprise.  Experts in charge of marketing drug-related products seem to have found an audience on the network-television nightly news programs. A disproportionate number of ads that appear during this programming originate with pharmaceutical companies, or “Big Pharma.”

In between the commercials for drugs to lower cholesterol, raise testosterone, treat your migraine, and reduce your heartburn, you may have also noticed the ads for synthetic vitamin supplements.  There are several to choose from including multiple vitamins, calcium supplements, and even co-enzyme products such as Co-Q10.  All of these synthetic supplements have two things in common. First, they demonstrate an effort by the pharmaceutical industry to grab a share of the growing nutritional supplement market.  Second, M-Field Energy Signature Matching Tests indicate that the body universally rejects the energy signature of synthetic supplements.

For the purposes of this blog, let’s define anything that is not natural as synthetic. If it cannot exist in nature without man’s manipulation, it is not natural.  This definition is contrary to what is allowed to be marketed in United States as “natural.” For example, the artificial sweetener aspartame can be included in products that are labeled as natural, as is the case with Crystal Light Lemonade®.  Aspartame, which is derived from three natural ingredients that have been chemically manipulated, is the primary sweetener in Crystal Light. This molecule could never exist in nature without chemical manipulation, and therefore is not truly natural.

Synthetic vitamin supplements follow a similar marketing pattern.  These products are manufactured in a laboratory and advertised as something we need for our health. Yet they could never exist in nature without man’s manipulation. Given the poor quality of the general food supply in the United States, it is reasonable and accurate to assume most of us are not getting the nutrition we need. Most of the time, high quality, well-chosen supplements are a good idea. However, the Energy Signature Matching procedure demonstrates clearly that our bodies know the difference. Synthetic vitamins are not derived from organic whole food, as nature intended, and therefore lack the nutritional synergy and essential co-factors that our bodies need to make use of the nutrients.

Words for the consumer to look for to indicate that a supplement is synthetic include “ester”, “oxide”, “crystalline”, “fractionated” and “patented”.  If the ingredient label does not list food as the origin of the supplement, it is probably synthetic.

Next week, we will discuss the advantages of taking supplements from organic whole food concentrates.  These are the only type of supplements we recommend in our Wellness Center.

Port Angeles, Washington