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Overriding Noonan’s and Lupus

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

A 36-year-old woman diagnosed with Lupus and Noonan’s Syndrome was pregnant with her third child. Former pregnancies resulted in both children not breathing at birth.

One child spent seven weeks at in the hospital due to brain swelling and has shunt to drain the brain. The child has had multiple seizures and brain surgeries since birth. Second child spent two weeks in the hospital. Both children have the classic concaved chest, short stature, speech impediment, rounded face, dropped ears, poor muscle tone, high palate, difficulty digesting, learning disabilities, and a higher than normal voice.

The mother was concerned about being pregnant with the third child due to the hereditary factors. Mother is suspected to have a genetic break in MTHFR considering her very pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, low weight, poor digestion, and large bald spots from the Lupus. The mother was very malnourished and rightly concerned about baby’s health based on my observations.

The mother was on more than normal amounts of nutrition throughout the entire pregnancy, and I saw her weekly through the entire pregnancy utilizing advanced Morphogenic Field Technique training.  I focused my attention on reading the baby and mother, separately.  Due to the genetic break with Noonan’s, the mother was put on Folic Acid B12 to start. Through M-Field testing, the first three weeks of pregnancy showed the need for Cod Liver Oil, Cal Sol, and Catalyn. By 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, the baby tested for Cod Liver Oil, Tuna Omega Oil and Trace Minerals B12.

By second trimester, mother was having difficulty detoxifying and immune system was not functioning at optimal levels. Immuplex, Bio GGG-B (Biotics), Super EFF, AF Betafood and Zypan were added. By the end of second trimester the liver and kidneys showed signs of insufficiency, Livaplex and Albaplex were added to aid in the detoxification processes.

In the third trimester a cardio scan was performed on the baby due to congenital heart defects known with Noonan’s.  The ultrasound showed an underdeveloped valve in the baby’s heart. Utilizing the Morphogenic Field Technique, I used the Heart Vial to test baby. Baby showed the initial need of eleven RNA and four L-Carnitine.  A week later the count decreased to 5 RNA.  In the following weeks the baby tested for Cataplex G, RNA, L-Carnitine, Cod Liver Oil and Ferrofood.  The final week of pregnancy baby tested for Cataplex G (3),  Zypan (3), Ferrofood (2), Cod Liver Oil (5), Calcium Lactate (6), Trace Minderals B12 (3), L-Carnitine (2).

For the first time in this mother’s life, she was not only able hold her baby after birth, but to also hear her child cry.  The mother had never experienced the blessing of having her child sleep with her after birth, nor be in the bassinet next to her after birth. Needless to say there was not a dry eye in the room when the baby was born, including the doctors.

The grandmother later revealed to me that it is next to impossible to override the chromosome defect in her daughter. The genetic break of Noonan’s comes from the grandmother’s side of the family.  Using the M-field, we made the impossible happen.

Mother and daughter are doing very well. The doctors continue to monitor the infant’s heart. Some of the symptoms of Noonan’s are present in the child, but not in the advanced ways as her siblings. It appears that this child will grow up with minimal health complications.

Port Angeles, Washington