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GMO Food Energies

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

The M-Field Energy Signature Matching aspect of the Morphogenic Field Technique is designed to ensure that the food we eat has an energy signature that matches the energy of the human body. We teach that if food does not match your energy signature, we do not recommend that you consume it as part of your normal diet. The food that humans had eaten for thousands of years was devoid of chemicals, preservatives, hydrogenation fats, refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and genetically modified grains.

The term organic food is a way to differentiate the food that our ancestors ate from the food you would buy in the modern grocery store, commercial food.  Our work shows that commercial food is not the natural food the body needs.

Everything in the universe has its own unique energy field, which is based upon its atomic and molecular makeup. Each time the food has been altered over the last 150 years for the purposes of the commercial food industry or big agribusiness, the energy signature of the food also has been altered.  Now, the energy signature of our commercial food no longer matches the energy of the body, as evidenced by thousands of M-Field Energy Signature Matching Procedures performed in our Wellness Center and in the offices of hundreds of health practitioners who have taken our M-Field Technique classes.

Genetic engineering began over 40 years ago.  Wheat was genetically engineered for purposes that would benefit the food industry.  When this happened, a consequence was a change in the energy signature of the gluten.  Today we find many gluten sensitive individuals who did not exist when I was a child, in the days when everyone was eating “heritage wheat”.  Wheat went from being the “staff of life” to becoming the “demon grain”.  This is just one example of what genetic engineering has created for our food supply.

We now have GMO soy, created to withstand large doses of herbicide. We also have GMO corn, created to produce its own pesticide called Bt.  With 93% of the soy and 86% of the corn in America now genetically modified, we are ingesting increasingly larger amounts of pesticides and herbicides.

In thousands of individual tests, our Energy Signature Matching Procedure as universally shown that the energy signature of the body rejects the energy of genetically modified foods. Therefore, based on our ongoing communication with patients, we suggest that they avoid foods that are genetically modified.  We ask the people of America to inundate your representatives in Washington, DC to demand labeling of genetically modified foods, so at least we know what we are eating.  Let’s take back our food supply before it’s too late!  We have a right to know the truth about our food.  As we have repeated stated—the health crisis is really a food crisis!

Port Angeles, Washington