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Colorful two layer smoothies with mango and berries

GMO Food Energies

The M-Field Energy Signature Matching aspect of the Morphogenic Field Technique is designed to ensure that the food we eat has an energy signature that matches the energy of the human body. We teach that if food does not match your energy signature, we do not recommend that you consume it as part of your

Parasite Energies

Acknowledging in the energy of parasites within the human body is one of the great practical applications of the M-Field procedure. Dan Riskin, biologist and narrator of the television series “Monsters Inside Me” on the Animal Planet Channel, regularly states that “Everybody has them.”  Utilizing the M-Field Technique on thousands of patients, we have come

M-Field Signature Matching®

What does it mean to match the energy signature of your body to the energy signature of your food? The science of quantum physics exists to explain the phenomena of the smallest pieces of structure known to man. At the core of all structure is energy. The human body consists of many “systems” of physiological

Overriding Noonan’s and Lupus

A 36-year-old woman diagnosed with Lupus and Noonan’s Syndrome was pregnant with her third child. Former pregnancies resulted in both children not breathing at birth. One child spent seven weeks at in the hospital due to brain swelling and has shunt to drain the brain. The child has had multiple seizures and brain surgeries since

Take Charge: Re-Connect Your Health to Good Food

Guest post from Eat to Save Your Life I’m very happy to welcome Jerre Paquette, PhD, and Gloria Askew, RN, the authors of the fantastic book Eat to Save Your Life. Gloria’s experience as a registered nurse and nutritionist combines with Jerre’s extensive teaching and research experience to challenge out-dated and dangerous food perspectives about

Pets Have a Morphogenic Field, Too!

Recently, I was approached at the Standard Process Speakers Conference by Dr. Tom Cameron, a nationally-known veterinarian who specializes in nutritional support for animals. He was aware of the Morphogenic Field Technique and our concept of using the body’s energy field to gather information about the nutritional needs of cells in humans. His very logical

Beware of the Supermarket

The world can be a dangerous place for our children.  Most responsible parents are vigilant about making sure the seatbelts are buckled, the helmets are fitted, the hands are held when crossing the street, and the strangers are kept at bay. Part of good parenting is investigating who can be trusted as we work to

Your Genes, Your Food, Your Health

Since the time of Darwin, the idea of genetic disease has been a principal theme in the world of healthcare. For over 100 years, it was believed that our genes were responsible for the fate of our health as we aged. If a man’s father had heart problems, he also would have heart problems. Similarly,

The Timeline of Dietary Degradation

Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate tells the story of the development of Morphogenic Field Technique, a method of matching the energy signature of food and dietary supplements to an individual’s personal energy field, or M-Field.  The health improvement that can be achieved through the Energy Signature Matching process is nothing short of

What Happened To the Food?

The commercial food industry and their co-conspirators in the FDA and the USDA have overruled Mother Nature.  They have created a controlled, subsidized, marketplace that asserts that whatever they are selling at the store is what you should eat, regardless of quality or nutritional value.  Great political and marketing campaigns are now in charge of

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