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GMO Sugar Beets:  What the Public Needs to Know

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

The United States has agencies in place, created by President Teddy Roosevelt, that exist to protect the integrity of the American food supply.  In the early 20th Century, President Roosevelt witnessed a consistent degradation of the food. So, he oversaw the creation the Pure Food and Drug Administration, to ensure that our citizens would always have access to the best quality food available.

Sadly, within one administration, that agency was infiltrated by the very industries that Americans needed to be protected from.  When that happened, the adjective “Pure” became problematic, so it was removed.  Today we have the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) claiming to protect the interests of the American people with regards to the food supply.  Their job is to regulate changes to the growing of our food, before the public is exposed, to insure continued quality and safety.

GMO Sugar Beets are an example of a dismal failure of this regulatory process.  GMO sugar beets were thrust upon an unsuspecting public several years before they officially approved.  Added to that, the approval process initially only considered what the new beets might do to the immediate farm environment.  They did not consider possible danger to the humans that consumed the end product–the white sugar.

You see, the government was being put under pressure to prematurely approve the beets.  This maneuver was done by the chemical company that had created the GMO sugar beets.  Monsanto, the chemical company, did not offer an approved alternative to the new beets, so the farmers had nothing else to grow.  Fearing a sugar shortage, the government allowed the sugar to be released without completing the legal approval process.  Americans have now been eating sugar from this source for over ten years.

So, is the sugar safe or not?

Forgetting for a moment that, in general, sugar is bad for you, should you be consuming the sugar that originated from GMO sugar beets?  The energy signature testing we do at Morphogenic Field Technique says:  No, you should not be eating this sugar if you care about your overall health.  It tests very badly, as you may have observed if you have attended any of our live presentations.  It makes almost everybody’s muscles incredibly weak when tested.  

Why does this happen?  Here are our observations:

  1. GMO Sugar Beets are created using a process that we consider to be dangerous, the insertion of viral and/or bacterial genes into the seeds. Universally, our energy signature testing for anything created using this process has had a negative outcome.
  2. The beets and the soil that they are grown in is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, with residual chemicals staying with the beets after harvest and processing.
  3. Beets are super-absorbers.  If it is nutritious, the beet will absorb it.  If it is toxic, the beet will also absorb those things as well.
  4. The result:  A toxic, genetically engineered beet, growing in toxic soil and eventually turned into a toxic product called white sugar.

Interestingly, our Morphogenic Field Technique testing procedure often demonstrates aberrant liver energies on people who have tested positive for GMO Sugar Beet energy.  


  1. Avoid eating sugar, especially if you do not know the source.  If you must have sugar, buy and use only organic cane sugar products.  (Most commercial cane sugar is also sprayed with pesticides and herbicides).
  2. In our Morphogenic Field Technique classes, we like to energy signature match the “problem energies” to the “solution energies”.  In our home-testing classes, we offer 4 possible homeopathic “solution energies” that you may find valuable to expand and balance the M-Field when correctly matched.
  3. If you feel that your personal health concerns warrant a professional evaluation for more specific truly-natural protocol development, you can locate a trained MFT Professional at an event or on the MFT website here

Remember, the only stated goal of Morphogenic Field Technique is the expansion and balancing of the human energy field, the M-Field.  Years of experience have taught us that a large and balanced M-Field will move a person toward greater vitality and health, while a small or distorted M-Field usually means health-related challenges over time.

America and the Culture of Chemicals

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Recently, I observed the 40th anniversary of my chiropractic practice in Port Angeles, WA, treating the citizens of the North Olympic Peninsula longer than any other current practitioner in my profession. As the local chiropractic patriarch, so to speak, please forgive me as I look back over that time. I wish make a few personal observations about health perspectives in my practice over the past 4 decades.

Initially, I began my professional education as a student at the University of Washington
School of Pharmacy. In my short time there, I came to understand that the health concepts they taught there were not aligned with my own beliefs. I walked away from that experience convinced that I did not wish to exist in a world of chemically-induced side effects and adverse reactions.  

To be clear, I also had other objections regarding the Pharmacy School’s narrow view of natural health care and the issues of big pharma’s stated financial goals.  It seemed to me that their objectives revolved more around positive profit outcomes rather than positive patient outcomes. But those are subjects for a different article.

In this commentary, I wish to discuss the general topic of chemical use and abuse, both legal chemicals and illegal chemicals.  Since I practice in a profession that does not use chemicals as part of the healing experience, I speak from the perspective of the now-uncommon person who prefers that the injection or ingestion of chemicals be kept to a minimum.

One of my first professional experiences with chemical abuse came in the mid-1970’s, when scientists suddenly “discovered” that Valium was addictive.  You might remember the Rolling Stones song called “Mother’s Little Helper”, about the overprescribing of tranquilizers.  In 1977, there were 60 Valium dispensed for every man, woman and child in the United States.  Somebody got my 60, somebody got my wife’s 60 and somebody got my children’s 60.

I can still recall the stress in the voices of the many people I treated that year who had suddenly been “cut-off” and could no longer get their fix.  It was heartbreaking to watch.  It was an example of what I call “legal chemical abuse”.  At that time, I put the blame directly on the shoulders of the big pharmaceutical companies and their representative, who convinced the doctors that there was no harm in prescribing them.  At that point, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for walking away from that world.

That experience was the first of many similar episodes regarding both legal and illegal chemical abuse in my home town.  I have talked with many women who were convinced by their practitioner that they needed hormone replacement therapy to avoid hot flashes or osteoporosis, only to learn later that it made them predisposed to some types of cancer.

I have watched as the vaccines have grown to a $35 billion industry, projected to reach $60 billion in 5 years with absolutely no legal consequences if it all goes wrong. This has occurred thanks to a 2011 Supreme Court ruling that stated that vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe”, therefore the 3-5% of people who reacted to them had no legal recourse if their health was permanently damaged following their inoculations.

I have watched big pharma successfully lobby to make vaccines mandatory for students entering school in California, forcing the parents of these children to make radical, life-changing decision to avoid the vaccine dragnet.  There are many conscientious parents who do not want the vaccine chemicals, known as adjuvants, injected directly into their children’s blood stream.

I have watched as the USDA and the FDA have allowed the large commercial food manufacturer to add over 12,000 “legal” chemicals to our food supply.  I have also seen them approve the use of genetically modified (GMO) food lased with pesticides and herbicides without a single human feeding study to show that they are safe.

15 years ago, I watched as a large group from the local High School Class of 2002 suddenly “disappear” from school, drawn into the poisonous world of methamphetamine.  That was a classic example of the illegal side of the culture of chemicals.  To my thinking, it is an offshoot of the idea that you can just go numb to your problems if you take the right chemical.  Currently, my town has even greater threats from meth, cocaine and other illegal chemicals.

Someone purchases each of these chemicals, making them a huge stream of revenue for the entity that manufactures them.  And, they have a vested interest in pressuring us to continue their use.

Yes, my town is a big consumer of chemicals, both legal and illegal.  

How many more chemicals can we consume before we pass the point where cancer, autism and other diseases related to chemical abuse become the norm rather than the exception?

Why is Everyone Reacting to Gluten?

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

My local supermarket recently ran a newspaper ad stating that their bakery uses only non-GMO flour in their breads and pastries.  I found their statement to be confusing, since all flour sold in the U.S. is non-GMO.

That said, there is a huge difference between the wheat that most Americans eat now compared to the wheat we consumed 50 years ago.  The amount of confusion surrounding this issue has led me to write this detailed explanation of this important issue.

Around 1970, a new type of wheat was quietly put upon public supermarket shelves.  It was the first crop to be genetically engineered.  From that time forward, food in America would be forever changed. The general public was never told of this change; in fact, a great deal of time and money has gone into keeping these changes secret.

So, what is the difference between a food that has been genetically engineered (GM) and a food that is a genetically modified organism (GMO)?  GMO’s are the result of a process of gene-splicing from virus’ and bacteria to create new seeds. There has been a slow, methodical creep of this kind of technology into American food over the past 5 decades.  

You are no longer eating your grandfather’s wheat, corn or soy.

When I was a child, most people had never heard of of gluten intolerance.  That is because largely, it did not exist.  Today, gluten-free products are readily available and many people complain about negative reactions to wheat.  

Why has the wheat changed and how have those changes effected the digestive health of America?

As with most of the newly created problems with our food and environment, the answer is “follow the money.” Wheat was altered with the goal of increasing the yield per acre.  The plant was genetically engineered to grow shorter with a bigger diameter around the base so it would not blow over in the wind.  During harvesting, more upright plants meant a larger yield.  Therefore, it provided more money to the commercial farmer.  That in itself does not sound bad, but there were other consequences.

Changing the plant also changed the gluten.  Although it was probably an unintended consequence, the fact remained that a new grain was created.  It contained much more gliadin, a type of gluten that causes inflammation in the intestines.  A secondary problem with gliadin is that it binds to opiate receptors in the body and creates cravings for people to eat even more.  This combination of factors has contributed to a snowballing-effect of digestive issues over the past 4 decades.

Unfortunately, it does not end there.  We now have an additional problem with commercial wheat: Roundup. They recently added a new step to the harvest of the wheat: it is sprayed with Roundup/Glyphosate just before the harvest.  This is done to kill the crop so that it can be plowed-under earlier before the onset of winter.  An additional advantage to the commercial farmer is that it dries out the grain.  Good for the farmers, but again, bad for the consumer. Non GMO-wheat is still genetically engineered and unless it is organic, it is still laden with herbicides that are toxic to the human body. The Roundup/Glyphosate increase has been scientifically correlated by researchers at MIT to the increase in many diseases, including Autism and Celiac.

The good news is that organic heritage wheat is still available to the consumer.  You can purchase this from your local farmer’s market or health food store.  If supermarket chain bakeries are interested in attracting an informed health-conscience consumer, it would be more helpful to ensure that organic heritage wheat flour is used in their breads and pastries.

Frank Springob, D.C.

Getting to Know Your Processed Food

Monday, January 30th, 2017

Nutritional expert Dr. Royal Lee once stated, “A food that is counterfeit is no different than money that is counterfeit.”  He was speaking in response to a question about processed food, where naturally occurring nutrients are removed and then synthetic chemical vitamins are added in an attempt to compensate. Wheat flour is a good example of this common practice. The wheat kernel is stripped of the nutrient-rich bran and germ, then bleached for appearance, and then “fortified” with a few vitamins and minerals. While this bleached wheat by-product leads to light fluffy cakes with a long shelf-life, the attempt to make up for the loss of nutrients by adding in synthetic vitamins does not replace the original goodness of the fresh, whole grain.

This process is equivalent to a thief robbing you at gunpoint and taking $100 of your hard-earned money.  A few minutes later, the thief repents, and returns to offer you $6 of Monopoly money.  It’s just not the same, is it?  

When natural nutrients are destroyed and synthetic chemicals are added back in, the food is labeled as fortified.  It may sound healthy, but to the human body, fortified food is not the same as whole food.

The practice of using synthetic vitamins and minerals to replace the essential nutrients removed during food processing is so common that we seldom stop to think about it anymore.  But think about it we must, since it is affecting the health of our families.  Additionally, this practice does not stop with our food. Commercial food and drug manufacturers also use synthetic chemicals in vitamin supplements and refreshments, promoting them as health-enhancing products when, in fact, they are not.

From a scientific perspective, the molecular structures of most synthetic vitamins are markedly different from those found in nature. Even though the chemical formula is the same, the shape is different.  The variations are minute, but significant. Vitamins produced in a lab from chemicals have a left rotation (called “levo“) while the other half rotate to the right.  In nature, all plant and animal-sourced vitamin molecules will rotate in the same direction.  Though some scientists will tell you that the body cannot tell the difference, imagine trying to put a left-handed glove on your right hand.  See the problem?

Additionally, in nature, all vitamins are accompanied by other related nutrients called synergists that must be present for any nutrient to be fully functional in the body.  If the synergists are missing, as with chemical vitamins, the effect on the body is more pharmaceutical than nutritional.  There is an effect, but it is often not the one that is desired. It can give us expensive greenish urine, but does not bring us better health.

Consider many of the so-called “healthy products” that are currently marketed to the American consumer.  Almost all of the vitamin supplements sold in pharmacies and big-box stores are made with synthetic chemical vitamins.  The well-known makers of the popular “energy drinks” use many of the same sources for these pseudo-vitamins in these beverages.  

Since there are only a few suppliers for the base components for these commercial products, the sources are easy to identify.  A quick internet visit to will confirm that many of these chemicals come from China.

Supplementing your diet with micro-nutrients can and often does improve health, IF the supplements are in the right form. In my nutrition-based practice, I recommend supplements that are concentrations of organic whole food.  This is a normal, natural delivery system for nutrients.  I use a supplement company that grows most of the food for their line of supplements on their own organically certified farm.  Additionally, they never process over 120 degrees, preserving the original nutrient value.  These are real supplements the way nature intended.

The Ancestral Diet and the Modern Diet

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

My hometown of Port Angeles is located approximately 15 miles from a famous archeological dig, the Manis Mastodon Site, unearthed in 1977.  According to the scientific journal “Science”, this location is the oldest human settlement the Western Hemisphere found to date.  There, tools and artifacts have been dated back to 13,800 years ago, older than the Clovis Site in New Mexico by 1000 years.  The dig at the Manis Mastodon site uncovered the remains of bison, caribou, and elk, but the nearly 14,000 year old mastodon remains the big attraction at the visitor’s center.

I recall reading about the discovery in the local newspaper when it was first publicized, trying to imagine the early humans’ relationship to this beast.  It was found with a spear point embedded in its rib, confirming for archaeologists that humans were indeed hunting in this area at that time.

I was reminded of the old joke about how to eat an elephant, which I have referred to many times in my life when faced with a large, daunting project.  Breaking things down into smaller pieces makes them manageable.

So close to my home there is an actual historical settlement where people literally “ate the elephant” for survival. Just south of Sequim, Washington, lays ample evidence of the known origins of a traditional diet in the Western Hemisphere.  

The Native American indigenous people survived many millennia before the arrival of the European settlers to “the New World.”  Tribal nations across the country consumed the food that was available to them, and it is well documented that there was an abundance of animal fat and protein in the primitive diet.  

Less obvious, perhaps, is the fact that nobody was getting their cholesterol checked on a regular basis. 14,000 years ago, people functioned without knowing their blood pressure or their resting heart rate.  Yet, they managed to survive as a culture for thousands of years.  Of course, the food was devoid of pesticides and herbicides; what today we would refer to as a totally organic diet. The carbohydrates that were consumed by early humans were in their complex form, since refined carbohydrates would not exist for another 13,400 years. 

We do a different sort of hunting now.  In the 21st Century, conscientious shoppers spend a lot of time reading the labels on the food for sale at the grocery store.  For those who are interested in health, the goal of the hunt is to find a nutrient-rich, high quality organic food supply.  Today, this type of food can seem more elusive than a mastodon.  As consumers we must decipher, from reading labels on packages, whether or not the contents are something we really want to put into our mouths.

The Native American ancestors who occupied the area 14 millennia ago had no such worries.  Whatever maladies they may have suffered as a culture, cancer was probably not one of them.  Now we live in a world where it comes as no surprise to learn that almost everything we have been eating, breathing or cleaning with is a known or possible carcinogen.  While regulatory agencies try to limit the exposure of the known carcinogens that we consume, these limits often come only after decades of exposure to the offending substance.  

Big agribusiness and the chemical industry have now introduced over 80,000 new artificial chemicals into our food supply and environment.  Much of this is done without sufficient testing to evaluate the risks of exposing the population to potential threats.  Regulatory agencies have explained that extensive safety studies are not practical; it would be too expensive and it would slow the progress of new products to the market.  

While you and I may believe that delaying the marketing of new chemicals is a great idea, it is likely that DuPont and Dow Chemical do not. Rather than proving the safety of a new product prior to introduction to the public, the product must be proven to be unsafe before it is “pulled” from the market.  In the meantime, we are all exposed to it.  This is not the recipe for another 14,000 years of survival.


Beware of the Supermarket

Monday, February 11th, 2013

The world can be a dangerous place for our children.  Most responsible parents are vigilant about making sure the seatbelts are buckled, the helmets are fitted, the hands are held when crossing the street, and the strangers are kept at bay. Part of good parenting is investigating who can be trusted as we work to ensure the health and welfare of our offspring.

Increasingly, one of the greatest dangers to the long-term health of the next generation can be found in the aisles of the grocery store.  From the perspective of M-Field Energy Signature Matching, many of the products sold there are not fit for human consumption.  It has been estimated that over 80 percent of the commercial food products sold at the major chains contain some form of genetically modified ingredients. Since the FDA does not require these to be labeled, the average consumer is unaware of the true nature of the food they are feeding their family.

In thousands tests of genetically modified foods, the M-Field procedure has yet to reveal a genetically engineered food that is compatible with the human energy field.  When this is demonstrated to patients in our Wellness Center, most are shocked to see how weak the test muscle becomes as a GMO or GE food product is brought into their M-Field.  Only real food, organic food and whole food supplements, have the energy signature to pass this test.

Unfortunately, the suppression of details about the true origins of the food products in the grocery store is the main problem.  If GMO labeling were required and enforced, the consumer could then become informed and make a choice to protect themselves and the next generation from the foods that weaken the M-Field.  Washington State will be voting on such a law in 2013, possibly becoming the first state to re-take control of their food supply.

The level of pesticides and herbicides in in GMO foods is alarming.  We know from years of using the M-Field Technique that many health problems seen in our Wellness Center improve greatly when these foods are reduced or eliminated in the diet. Our mission is to make everyone aware of the correlation between the consumption of aberrant food and many of the health problems faced in America.

The #1 cause of death in America is not accidents or infections, although these are what most parents worry about.  The most common cause of death is non-communicable degenerative disease.  In other words, people are dying from what they ingested. Bodies need to regenerate, and foods that are free from toxins and full of vital nutrients are the building blocks for this process. Food that contains pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified ingredients are a much more insidious threat to the health of our children. The risk may not be as imminent as an on-coming car. But in light of the leading cause of death, can we really say that our children are safe eating these foods?

So, after you feed your children the healthy meals they deserve, be sure you then buckle their seatbelts and hold their hands when they cross the street.  But, first things first!

The Timeline of Dietary Degradation

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Bugs in My Brain, Poison on My Plate tells the story of the development of Morphogenic Field Technique, a method of matching the energy signature of food and dietary supplements to an individual’s personal energy field, or M-Field.  The health improvement that can be achieved through the Energy Signature Matching process is nothing short of remarkable.

Within this story, there are other stories to be told:  the personal journeys of some patients who have found their way back to health using the M-Field Technique; the journey of my colleagues and myself as we hypothesized, tested, and elaborated on healing concepts; and finally, the journey of us all, as Americans, as we reckon with the reality of our health crisis and wonder, “How did we get here?”

To borrow from another, more famous book: “In the Beginning . . . There was food. And it was good!” It matched the energy signature of the human body until it was smited. The smiting began approximately 150 years ago when people discovered that they could make a great deal of money selling food products that were created in one place, transported to another place and sold to people far, far away. For this to happen, the food had to change, because real food (organic food) would be spoiled by the time it had traveled very far.

Chemical preservatives and heavy processing of the food were required to make this a possibility. I suspect that nobody considered that altering the food would also alter its energy signature. However, we now know that that nothing in the universe can be altered at the atomic level without also changing its innate energy.

The increased consumption of refined sugar also began in the late 1800’s, with the introduction of Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. A 6-ounce bottle of soda containing 8-10 teaspoons of refined sugar eventually gave way to 10-ounce, 16-ounce, and on up to the super-sized Big Gulp.

Hydrogenated/trans fats were created in 1910, and within 10 years heart disease had more than doubled in this country. By the 1950s, coronary artery disease went from being extremely rare to being the number one killer in America. Energy Signature Testing confirms that the M-Field rejects hydrogenated transfats and craves natural fats such as butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

Further degradation came in the form of increased use of food chemicals in the 1940s and 50’s.Next came TV dinners, instant mashed potatoes, and fast food.  In the 1960s, scientists began playing with genetic engineering of seeds. Wheat was genetically engineered to grow shorter and give higher yields, which altered the protein component called gluten. For the past forty years, Americans have unknowingly been consuming altered gluten, called gliadin, which is pro-inflammatory and binds to the opiate receptors in the cells. Since then, we have had a documented increased in gluten intolerance.

The efforts of the corporate food manufacturers have been unrelenting, as profits drive the science of agriculture and genetic engineering. The more changes they make, the further they move the energy signature of the food away from the nutritional needs of the human body. In terms of the health crisis being a food crisis, we may now know how we got here, but we still must ask ourselves, “Where does is stop and how much more can the body tolerate?”

What Happened To the Food?

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

The commercial food industry and their co-conspirators in the FDA and the USDA have overruled Mother Nature.  They have created a controlled, subsidized, marketplace that asserts that whatever they are selling at the store is what you should eat, regardless of quality or nutritional value.  Great political and marketing campaigns are now in charge of what ends up in the grocery cart. This corporate conquest has resulted in a slow, yet unrelenting alteration to America’s diet and health.

Tens of thousands of small family farms have been sold to big agribusiness.  Use of organic fertilizer has given way to petroleum-based substitutes which provide only a fraction of the nutrients needed to sustain the soil. The use of pesticides and herbicides has increased at an alarming rate as seeds are genetically altered to grow better in the poison-laced soil. We are told that genetic engineering is required to feed the world, yet nothing is mentioned about the plant and animal diseases that result from growing this altered food.

Food exists to nourish the body, yet the commercial food industry prefers to ignore this simple fact. If the only purpose of eating was to fill us up, we would be doing fine; a shortage of caloric intake is not the problem in America. But food-based products that lack nutrients, contain pesticides and herbicides and are genetically modified and processed into oblivion are not what we need.  We need real food in the form in which it has existed throughout time.

Additionally, the energy signature of the food must match the energy signature of the body. Currently, most food does not, unless you are consuming organic food. In my office, I keep food samples present and perform a muscle response test on my patients to demonstrate this principle. For example, there is a stark contrast between the energy signatures of organic soy and GMO soy. Energy Signature Testing organic soy always results in a strong muscle, yet universally, GMO soy makes the test muscle go weak. I do the same with Organic Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and have the same result. I also test genetically engineered wheat flour (weak) against organic heritage wheat flour (strong).

Most people do not know that wheat was genetically engineered 40 years ago.  It has been shown that this change also altered the gluten.  Ever wonder why so many people are now gluten-intolerant?

The most dramatic demonstration I perform matches brown cane sugar against refined white sugar from GMO sugar beets. People are appalled to see how weak the test muscle becomes when the GMO sugar beets enter the M-Field. I can state with relative certainty that this is the greatest food product rejection that I demonstrate on a regular basis. When I give lectures around the country, I love to demo these tests as the body responds energetically to these “foods” in the same way it responds to known poisons. I believe that every American should have this experience.

Port Angeles, Washington