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Searching for a natural solution to better health?

You can naturally restore the health and vitality of your body by providing it with the exact nutrients and herbal and homeopathic support it needs. Information provided by your own body’s energy field is constantly being emitted. By matching the “signature” of your personal energy with that of the correct natural protocol, better health is just around the corner.

Physicists and other scientists know that everything in the universe has its own unique energy signature. You have one around your body – your aura. Because it begins at the cellular level, we have defined it as the morphogenic field (origin of change) or M-field.

The energy of most objects, like a rock, is constant. However, the energy of living organisms—like people, plants and animals—can be dynamic and impacted by environmental factors. For example, water or other nutrients that we consume daily impacts the M-Field, and that impact can be objectively measured.

Most patients consult a healthcare provider for one reason–they have a health concern and need help. Practitioners who our M-field technique know from experience that diet is the #1 factor in total health. Putting the right raw materials in your body in order to rebuild 30-70 billion cells per day is crucial!

Your dietary needs are as unique as you are. We specialize in creating a diet based on unadulterated organic whole food and supplements that is customized to your own unique energy signature or M-field. Using the M-field technique and procedures, your healthcare provider can gauge the strength and quality of your energy field and use the information to design a plan to amplify your M-field. As you begin creating new cells and tissues with optimum nutrition, you move toward improved overall health.

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