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Videos and Links

Watch this one first to see what it is all about!

Changes to Blood Cells Using MFT:


Morphogenic Field Technique (series of three videos)

General information videos:

Newsmax story on the dangers of GMO foods:

Video on the importance of the microbiome and intestinal flora

Nicola Tesla: The Father of Scalar Energy and the Torus Energy Pattern. A short biography of the forgotten genius who, in the 1800’s, brought forth the original concepts that Morphogenic Field Technique is based upon.

Effects of radiation from the smart meter on live blood as filmed at the office of Frank Springob, DC using MFT technology to identify it as a negative stressor on the human body.

The Effects of Scars on the Size and Symmetry of the M-Field

The Negative Effects of GMO’s on the M-Field:


Stay current on the latest news from Morphogenic Field Technique. We address topics near and dear to our hearts such as food sources, patient breakthroughs, and using the energy field to help people live better lives.

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