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Homeopathic, Nutritional and Herbal Focused Seminars

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Nutrition-Focused Seminars featuring Standard Process: The importance of proper whole food nutrition to overall health is easy to demonstrate to patients using the Morphogenic Field Technique. A patient’s level of compliance and interest in the details of nutrition often follow the revelation that nutrition DOES have a positive effect on how you feel! This makes for a low stress practice.

In addition to whole food nutrition and supplements, we advocate the use of herbs and homeopathic remedies to give your patients the best possible results.

Herbal-Focused Seminars featuring Mediherb: Herbs provide a surprising amount of additional health benefits such as promoting longevity, fighting pain and more. We use natural herbs developed by experts in the field who draw on the latest scientific evidence, as well as centuries of knowledge about the benefits of herbal supplements.

Homeopathy/Botanical-Focused Seminars featuring Energetix: Homeopathy is neither an herbal medicine nor a dietary regimen. Discovered over 200 years ago, homeopathy is based on the laws of “similars”. For example, too much coffee can cause shaky hands, jittery nerves and insomnia. Coffea cruda, a homeopathic remedy made from unroasted coffee beans, is used to alleviate these very symptoms. A homeopathic remedy is a dilution of one or several botanical, mineral or animal substances. Some of the most highly diluted preparations can be the most effective.

Our goal is to share our gift with like-minded healthcare providers. When we teach the Morphogenic Field Technique to practitioners, using easy-to-implement steps and amplified energies, the benefit to overall health of our communities is tremendous. We put the tools and knowledge in the heads and hands of all practitioners who are willing to commit to doing more for their patients. Preview our seminars.

"Using the energy field is truly the next paradigm shift in applied kinesiology! After two seminars, I now exclusively use the Morphogenic Field Technique for testing. Measuring the body's energy field turns out to be the best way to determine how the patient is doing and how to move them in the direction of healing faster and more effectively. I'm seeing great results. Thank you, Dr. Springob, for revolutionizing my practice! — Mark Zumhagen, MD, Chicago area family medicine physician"

"Without the Morphogenic Field Technique I never would have resolved a severe Lyme disease case. Nothing else worked. I want to learn more! I now have no doubt that I can help people and couldn't be happier. Thank you, Dr. Frank!—Katie Stull, DC, Chicago area chiropractor."


Stay current on the latest news from Morphogenic Field Technique. We address topics near and dear to our hearts such as food sources, patient breakthroughs, and using the energy field to help people live better lives.

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