" To offer health practitioner’s access to a bio-individual, energetic based step by step system to improve the general health of their clients."


Our bodies are pure energy at their core. Every cell in the human body communicates through electrical signals. The flow of these signals controls our brain waves, heart rhythm, nervous system, and the way our cells react to our environment. As stated by the Founder and Developer of the Morphogenetic Field Technique, Dr. Frank Springob, DC, “Your energy is the real power. It is a communication that heals. The more you work with that energy, the more you will see how people respond naturally to it, and the more you will want to use its ability.”

Through the creation of the Morphogenetic Field Technique®, practitioners can learn a system that works with the energetic communication system of the body to find out what that individual needs on a cellular level to go beyond general to optimal health. As described by Dr, Frank Springob: “MFT is my rendition of the ideal approach to health."

The Morphogenic Field Technique® is a symbiotic combination of energetic healing with nutritional, herbal, homeopathic, and lifestyle therapies. The Fundamental Technique, (comprised of a modified form of muscle response testing and proprietary cell energy kits is designed to assist in finding what the body needs to heal), allows practitioners to develop nutritional, homeopathic and lifestyle protocols that initiate whole-body well-being through information from the client's energy field.

MFT started giving in-person workshops over 12 years ago to expose practitioners to the technique, however as the general health of the population continues to diminish despite the advances in science and technology, MFT realized that to reach its mission a broader approach was needed. The online school was created in 2020 to be able to reach more practitioners in more regions of the world, honoring the demands of their schedules and learning pace.

Through a combined approach of online, self-paced supported studies, chances to attend in-person workshops, a rich resource bank of materials, the opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners through social media platforms, and easy access to tools and equipment, the MFT organization is on track to have an impact on its vision of  Improved General Health for All.

Based upon our values MFT has created some overall guiding principles for our approach to meeting our mission. These principles are expressed in the day-to-day operations of Dr Springob’s clinic, to the research work done to build MFT to meet 21st century health challenges, to the education we offer our practitioners and beyond to our local community and being member of the earth family.

Our Intention is to be:

Builders of Human Connection

Developing strong, connected relationships, from a one-time meeting or a life-long personal or professional association, and taking what is learned from those connections to move forward our intention of improved general health to our community on the local level, and beyond in both small gestures and grand initiatives.

Architects of Learning

Creating educational opportunities for people to learn how to reach their healthiest potential from creating an approachable and simple way to teach the MFT procedure to helping practitioners build their professional visions of health improvement, to encouraging co-workers to continue their own learning journey.

Joy Makers

Taking the fervor of our vision for improved general health for all and infusing it with celebration for each positive step we and others take toward our and their goals.

Believers in Gratitude and Appreciation

Honoring the hard work of Dr. Springob and those who created MFT, the staff, practitioners and business partners who support and spread the message of improved health through MFT and the chances we are given each day to grow our community.

Followers of Energy

Recognizing first and foremost that the energy around us holds the wisdom we need as humans to self-correct when faced with personal challenges both physical and emotional. It is the teacher for us to learn how to heal not only ourselves but our planet.

Our Narrative

We have successfully applied the model of sustainability to all aspects of our work. Today, everyone and everything we engage with—in our personal and professional lives; our business and community; our customers and staff; our affiliates and environment—are better than they were when we embarked on this vision several years ago. We have created a community of business where people willingly bring their whole selves to work. We feel free to express ourselves and delve into our deepest creative potential. We believe in what we are doing and integrate our sense of purpose into what we are.

We empower and support each other, and our workforce is representative of our dedication to provide care for people. We have built thousands of strong, sustainable relationships and they nurture our growth.

We have a strategy for growth that is about long-term economic health. When we speak of offering even more “healing services” we refer not only to what we offer our students, clients, our community, and each other, but also to our planet; we push ourselves to go beyond basic compliance on environmental issues.

We must be profitable to survive but our primary purpose is to contribute to a better life for every person we have the privilege of caring for. We do this by providing meaningful work, dignified employment, and community relationships built on trust. These are the foundations of our business. Through this work we have helped to create true prosperity, economic security, and democracy in our larger community.

We know that we are a small presence in the universe; we are morphogenic field technique practitioners. Rather than focusing on a few grand gestures, we focus on hundreds and thousands of small actions with great passion and love. We change the world with every transaction. Everyone who encounters our organization– employees, customers, and suppliers, people asking for donations, journalists and reporters, public officials–leave with the perception that we exist to be of service.

Our community of businesses is more vital than at any time in its history.  Our evolving business is presently located in the heart of Port Angeles, Washington. We are strongly rooted in the Olympic Peninsula and our establishment provides care to individuals who reside in proximity. Passionate managing members are present at our location; making an organization like ours feel small, nimble, and close. People who invest in our care know we listen and respond.  While each seminar location is world class in its approach to teaching others how to improve the health of their communities, we feel like our principal location, on the Olympic Peninsula’s archipelago, Port Angeles, is our corner store for what we inspire others to do.

Each provider is an exciting leader in their respective field and enhances the performance of the entire company. From our most regarded director of morphogenic field technique to our janitorial staff; each respective member shares our organizational values and has the passion and drive to develop their skills, so their business contributes positively in sustainable ways. We are innovative, creative, and set high standards for the industry and for ourselves. Together we work as a single organization, successfully navigating the challenges of interdependency. We know that while we operate our businesses independently day to day, our fates are linked.

We have built a diverse community of business in which each member shares a common vision, a common goal of health, and a common set of guiding principles. We are strongly committed to each other’s success.

Everyone here has embraced the reality that we all have multiple—and sometimes conflicting—roles that we often change or adapt to several times in a single day. Everyone takes responsibility for successfully leading us towards our mission, principles, and outreach goals. We feel a sense of connectedness to people in our professional environments and feel a responsibility to support them. We act as a community of businesses to make the lives of everyone around us better by teaching as many providers as possible our unique way of communicating with the intelligence of the human body.

The education we provide is better than ever imagined when we began hosting seminars in 2008. In the same way, we have found a myriad of new ways to improve every educational event that we lead.

Even though our community of businesses has almost doubled in size, we are amazed that we have been able to increase the level of awareness of the morphogenic field technique while growing into a bigger business. We make it so natural and comfortable for everyone involved it does not seem like work at all. Our students, our suppliers, our patients, and our fellow employees—everyone considers morphogenic field technique a standard bearer. We do the things everyone says a business cannot do. We define communicating with the human body.

Our commitment to serving others is inspiring, and it finds its way into everything we do. We make it happen in small but meaningful ways. There are extraordinary acts of kindness that surprise us.

Each of us recognizes that our lives are more meaningful because of the technique we administer to our clients and teach to other providers. We really do make a positive difference in people’s lives. The style of leadership we employ attracts individuals who thrive on giving exceptional care to everyone they meet—staff, guests, the organization overall and the community—every day.

Education is one of our passions. The more we teach, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more customers and staff are drawn to entrust their health to us. The more we teach and learn together, the more effectively we connect with each other, strengthen our culture, and improve the lives of everyone we interact with. We thrive on sharing information lavishly.

Opportunities abound, and we all take advantage of them. Each member of the organization acts as an effective leader in his or her work. We take responsibility for our actions, our feelings, and our careers, always mindful to include others in our success. We are entrepreneurial, always treating our work like we own it.  No matter what the position, everyone is actively learning and expanding their knowledge of the technique creating opportunities for themselves and others along the way as we build a better organization and more positive community.

A spirit of generosity infuses all that we do and all that we are. We have created something of significance that is inclusive, positive and life affirming. We believe that we have been successful because we have a vision and a strategy that seeks to promote the human potential that surrounds us. 

History of MFT

The Morphogenic Field Technique was introduced as an adjunct to nutrition, chiropractic, and homeopathic care in 2011 by Dr. Frank Springob with the primary goal of training healthcare practitioners in the practice of addressing energy associated with the disease state of cells.

Dr. Springob realized that by identifying the biochemical needs of a cell through epigenetic considerations like holistic nutrition, lifestyle modifications and detoxification he could offer the body ways to support self-correction.

The key was the development of a communication pathway. This was accomplished by exploring the work of nutrition and energy healing pioneers such as Harold Saxton Burr, Fritz Albert Popp, Robert O. Becker, and Bruce H. Lipton. From this research, Dr Springob realized that the energy field around the body was such a communication pathway. He called it the M-Field.

By introducing cell energies digitized in water through the process of Radionics, he was able to communicate with the body through the M-Field, about the possibilities for what it might need to heal or what it might need to be rid of to heal.

With years of trial and error and continued research, MFT as an energetic healing system was born.

In the early years, Dr. Springob taught small groups of health care professionals such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths. These beginning workshops created a devoted following of practitioners who saw the value of the technique and encouraged him to continue his research until he was able to develop a step-by-step procedure supported by test kits of cell energies. In this time frame Dr. Springob created associations with nutritional supplement companies of high-quality products that became the solutions in response to the body’s needs, identified by the communication with the M-Field.

Realizing that to accomplish its vision of improved general health for all, a broader approach was needed. The online school was created in early 2020 to reach more practitioners in more regions of the world, honoring the demands of their schedules and learning pace. Online education gives practitioners a robust training to become Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioners (MFTPs).

Through a combined approach of online, self-paced supported studies, chances to attend in-person workshops, a rich resource bank of materials, the opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners through social media platforms, and easy access to tools and equipment, the MFT organization is on track to have significant impact on its vision of Improved General Health for All.

In the fall of 2020, MFT introduced a twenty four-week, online, enhancement course designed to give graduates and other wellness professionals the resources they need to continue the ten phases of healing, a treatment plan template developed by Dr. Springob, where testing procedures transition from biochemical needs of a cell to an emphasis on tissues, glands, and organs. In 2021, the MFT launched Foundational Wellness, an online, self-paced course for individuals looking to improve their own health and the health of their families. This comprehensive, groundbreaking program teaches the essentials of holistic wellness with elements of nutrition, cooking, lifestyle, mindfulness, and more.

Presently MFT as trained approximately 3,250 Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioners worldwide. There are MFTs in all 50 states, several Canadian provinces, as well as Australia, Asia, and Europe. Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioners are now found in holistic and allopathic medical practices and are becoming sought after as practitioners, lifestyle influencers, and health advisors.