How do I get an MFT Alumni Application?

Please reach out to to request an application. 

Our new MFT Alumni Program does not require anything to join and invites you enjoy wide variety of benefits as well as the community aspects. We have also designed the program for any alumni who desires an extra level of professional credibility, to complete the course work included in your access.

You may also submit CEUs, at any point you complete them during your membership period, and the MFT will review them for $150 and issue the new Certificate of Continuing Education.     This new program offers greater flexibility for our graduates to join at any time and connect with the MFT online training, professional resources, and practice development options.

Also, by applying to become Alumni you greater receive greater professional support and receive full access to enjoy our MFT online community. Please read our comprehensive FAQs below and reach out to if you have any questions about these exciting updates.

What are the benefits of the new MFT Alumni Program?

  • Professional Development Opportunities (CEU information and continuing education with endorsements IP/AP and mention of the MFT Master's program
  • Professional Tools and Resources (Done For Now)
  • Referral Rewards (For people who refer to MFT for training)
  • Recommended Reading (all of the new things being read in the book club)

What does becoming an MFT Alumni provide? 
  • You can earn a Certificate of Continuing Education with the submission of 10hrs of CEUs if you desire an extra level of professional credibility 
  • New all-in-one portal! It combines the Community (discussion board) + the MFT alumni portal into one user-friendly site on a platform called, Learnworlds. Learnworlds is the platform our MFT online students use and houses the latest MFT curriculum. It also offers an App for easy access on your phone!  
  • Immediate access to clinical support
  • More online learning opportunities and engagement   
  • Discounted opportunities on additional MFT credentials 
  • More discounted access to programs created by MFT graduates and allied outside organizations
  • Improved customized listing on an MFT maintained database of practicing MFT-BPs/MFT-IP (coming soon!)
  • MFT Alumni in Good Standing Badge logo for your website, marketing materials, and email signature
  • With more to come!