Basic Level Transitioning to Intermediate

Join us for a one and a half day practice intensive workshop with Dr. Frank Springob! 

You have been learning MFT virtually,
now it’s time to go LIVE!

Are you a Level One MFT student wishing to improve or troubleshoot the Fundamental procedure? Would you enjoy practicing your skills in-person with other M.F.T. practitioners?  

Event Details 

Here is your chance!

Participants of the live events will have the opportunity to practice on each other, by systematically going through the M.F.T.™ Fundamental technique with teaching, guidance, and correction from Dr. Springob and his teaching assistants. 

“Becoming competent in the basics of the technique is the best grounding for accurate testing when moving on to the next stages of learning/healing.”
 - Frank Springob, D.C. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of practicing the technique! 

Practice events are designed to support students who have taken Basic Morphogenic Field Technique Level One (MFT-BP) or are studying MFT through the Level One- Fundamentals: Cell Energies & Biochemistry online course.  

The practice content will complement the release of module materials from the online course. Attending a practice event is a fantastic way to check that you understand the basics and are executing your technique correctly. 

During the event, Dr. Springob will review the Fundamental procedure taught in the Level One-Fundamentals: Cell Energies & Biochemistry (MFT-L1) course, formerly known as Basic Morphogenic Field Technique Level One (MFT-BP) course. He will provide a complete demonstration of the Fundamentals procedure followed by intensive practicing in small groups.  


Please book promptly to ensure registration in this practice intensive event.

This is an opportunity to get hands-on practice and troubleshoot your individual mastery of the M.F.T. technique which is especially important for those that have learned through the online process. These sessions comprise carefully reviewed content organized by Dr. Springob, Michele Nowak-Sharkey and Corey Pearson, working in close collaboration with our teaching assistants. 

These sessions will also concentrate on: 

  • Setup of Clinic Room & Review of M.F.T.™ Essential Tools 
  • The 7 Factors for Assessing High Toxicity in the Body 
  • The Fundamentals of M.F.T.™ Testing 
  • M.F.T.™’s 10 Phases of Healing™ 
  • Correct M.F.T.™ Muscle Testing Technique 
  • Identifying Unacknowledged Scar Factors
  • The M.F.T.™ Organ Test  
  • AND the opportunity to Practice, Practice, Practice! 
  • Factors that affect M.F.T.™ Testing (when reference points pulse high, when a muscle will not lock, when to micro test, and test on and off the body) 


Please bring all your M.F.T.™ Basic tools including your test kits. When performed correctly this diagnostic technique is 99.99% accurate. This is an ideal opportunity for you to increase your understanding of the M.F.T. tools and enhance your diagnostic skills. 

*Still need your M.F.T.™ Basic tools? Contact your student liaison, Corey Pearson at 1-360-202-3301 or email her at

Food and beverages:

Light snacks, coffee and tea will be served throughout the day. Catered lunch on Saturday includes various proteins, vegan options, gluten free and organic always where available. 

For More Information:

 Contact your student liaison, Corey Pearson at 1-360-202-3301 or email her at

Upcoming Events

Join us at one of the following locations:

Alameda, California 

Saturday, June 26th, 9AM – 5PM
Sunday, June 27th, 9AM – 12:30PM
Holiday Inn, Oakland Airport
77 Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA 94621
Group Size: 

Don't hesitate

This is an ideal opportunity for you to enhance your diagnostic skills with this highly effective and evidence-based technique. 

We hope to see you LIVE!

*These live, practice events are also open to any student that has taken the other Basic Morphogenic Field Technique Level One (MFT-BP) online or on-location course for Basic: Morphogenic Field Technique Level One (MFT-BP).

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the Basic Morphogenic Field Technique Level One (MFT-BP) course. This is a practice session in support of the course content. Students with no previous Basic Morphogenic Field Technique Level One (MFT-BP) training will not be able to attend these sessions.