Lesson series

Beginner-Level One Fundamentals: Cell Energies & Biochemistry (MFT-L1)

The focus is on the body’s cellular needs. You will come away from this course with the ability to perform the MFT Fundamental Procedure. The Fundamental Procedure provides you with the basic strategy and steps for whatever nutritional issues your clients present.

This aligns with the Phases One, Two and Three of the 10 Phases of Healing. The 10 Phases of Healing treatment plan outlines a long-term treatment strategy to create an on-going relationship with your clients to move them toward optimal health. The treatment plan is a path for you as a learner to understand over time how you can build upon what you will be learning here in Level One. 

This first course is part of a series of four levels of education to understand how to communicate with an individual’s energy field to ensure life-long optimal health. This course can be taken as a stand-alone course.

Instructional Modules

6 Units + Additional Information & Enhancement Procedures

Tools Included

Fundamental Procedure, Test Vials, Pillars and Kits




4 hours


24 weeks



Required: Foundational Nutrition kit, Morphogenetic Proteins kit, Immune/Autotoxemia kit,  Measurement Vials, To Tell the Truth pillar, Immune Support Product Pillar, Detox Support Product Pillar if using Biotics Research Products and at least one Foundational Nutrition product line test kit but encouraged to have all three.

Suggested:  Enhancement Procedures: Food and Diet kit, Positive Emotions kit, 
 Cell Cytokine kit, Protomorphogen Support pillar, Methylation pillar


  • 6 Units
  • 26 Videos
  • 1 Comprehensive 200+ Page Study Guide
  • 6 Assignments
  • 223 Questions
  • 1 Certificate of Competency
  • 10 CEUs Pending Approval

Become a MFT Practitioner:

Learn how to evaluate a client’s nutritional needs and make bio-individual recommendations for dietary changes, lifestyle choices, and nutritional supplementation based on information obtained through the human energy field.  

Practice Development:

Enhance your knowledge and skills with this course to transform the way you relate to your client’s ongoing quest for health.
Meet the instructor

Dr. Frank Springob
Creator and Founder of MFT

Dr. Springob received his chiropractic training at the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. After graduation, Dr. Springob moved to Port Angeles, Washington where he established a trusted practice through his vast experience in natural healing modalities. 

Dr. Springob's life work has been dedicated to natural healthcare. He developed the Morphogenic Field Technique® (MFT) over a decade ago. MFT is Dr. Springob's rendition of the ideal approach to health maintenance. After time spent proving the methods, he began teaching healthcare professionals the technique. Since that time, he has trained over three thousand practitioners from around the world and developed additional procedures to address various parts of the human body.

A father and grandfather of four, Dr. Springob continues to reside in his hometown of Port Angeles. His passions are hiking, mountain biking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. When he is not with patients or enjoying the outdoors with family and friends, Dr. Springob continues to offer innovative clinical procedures to patients seeking an energetic approach to healthcare.
Patrick Jones - Course author